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Purchase from Synetic Partners

Synetic is dedicated in supporting its channel partners and resellers in their efforts to sell Synetic's products.
In most cases, Synetic does not wish to sell its products directly to the end-users clients.
However, we recognize that there are exceptional circumstances when the end-users clients have no access to a local partner or reseller.
It is only under these conditions that Synetic would sell its products directly.

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Synetic Business Partner & Reseller Program

Since the establishment of Synetic Inc., we have worked diligently to provide a high quality and cost-effective line of data storage solutions for businesses, hi-tech. companies and system professionals through our affiliation with several major RAID and data storage manufacturers.
These manufacturers are growing rapidly and we are striving to grow with them along with our business partners and resellers across North America.  In our opinion, the key to successfully achieving this goal is to assure that our business allies have a leading-edge advantage over their competitors.

Business Partner Program is:

For the companies that are interested in actively sell products distributed by Synetic and its manufacturers, like to participate in Synetic present and future growth and are interested in having close cooperation in many aspects of business functions and activities.

Reseller & VAR Program is:

For the companies that are only interested in occasional purchase from Synetic solely for the purpose of reselling, systems integration and consulting services.

Policies & Terms & Conditions:

There are some main common points and differences between these two programs.

  • Both resellers & business partners will receive the lowest prices based on the quantity and frequency of purchase.
  • Business partners can have a webpage link in Synetic website under Contact page and on this page below.
  • Business partners are regularly informed about the new products and technological changes.
  • Only business partners will receive the sales lead due to the following reasons;
  1. Business partners should commit to actively do marketing and promote the products through their website and other advertisement tools.
  2. Business partners should commit to a total dollar value for their annual purchase from Synetic. After a six month, this requirement will be reassessed.
  • Both will receive technical support. However it is expected that Business partners and resellers become knowledgeable about the products that they sell after a reasonable period of time and gradually become independent.
  • Both will have the same RMA, exchange and warranty benefits.  Policies are available on separate documents and will be sent to members after an account is established.
  • Both will receive promotional materials (if it is requested).
  • Both will receive the same payment policy established based on the history of business, credit writing, short-term and long-term business relationship with Synetic.
  • Both will be qualified to receive a 15 days Term Payment (Max) after 3 months and after minimum 3 transactions are completed and fully paid, or after 6 transactions completed and fully paid at anytime.
  • Payments can be made by:
  1. & for limited amounts. An authorization form maybe be needed
  2. Direct bank deposit in US and Canada
  3. Wire transfer internationally
  4. COD after an application form is completed, or credit reference is provided in advance
  5. Cheque that should be sent by mail or courier in advance and prior to shipment.
  • Both don't have to stock the products. However it is strongly recommended to have one or two of each popular products from the products that is advertised by the resellers or business partners.
  • Both resellers & business partners can request drop shipment of a package for their clients (Only Packing Slip will be include).
  • Both Resellers and Business partner must fill out different application form.

Synetic business partners & resellers will be offered many other business opportunities and marketing tools as their involvement and business activities with Synetic grows.

Partners and reseller outside Canada should call to make the appropriate payment plan for your company.

We thank you in advance for considering Synetic as your business partner and look forward to doing business with you in the near future.

Any questions or concerns about the above context?  Please contact us @ (250) 475-3001 or

Application Process:

In order to apply for Synetic Business Partner or Reseller Program, please read the above conditions and benefits, then proceed with the following steps.

  • An application form should be obtained by calling Synetic Inc. at (250) 475-3001 or Email your request to The application form must be completed, signed and faxed back to us.
  • A summary sheet should be attached explaining your business plans for Synetic's line of products and a number indicating the anticipated annual purchase.
  • We will inform you within 4 - 5 working days about your application approval and your account number.



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