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Disclaimer and Warranty

Any hardware, software and firmware upgrade, if it is not done properly, may change the internal configurations of a RAID controller or subsystem and could damage the internal component and cause data loss.  We strongly suggest to read the products documentation carefully and backup your valuable data prior to any upgrade.  If you still have any doubt or if there is any unclear issue, please contact Synetic and consult with one of our engineers. Please note: Since we cannot monitor the client's approach to any upgrade process, procedures implementation and hardware changes, we therefore cannot accept any responsibilities, will not be liable and accountable for loss of data or any damage to the hardware devices due to improper hardware, software or firmware upgrade by the clients.   Click here for Warranty Policies. For all your technical support questions and issues, please send an email to . Someone will get back to you shortly.


Liability Disclaimer

Products sold by Synetic Inc. are to be used only for the intended purpose(s). Synetic Inc. assumes no responsibility for loss arising from other use, misuse, abuse or negligence by the customer, or the shipping companies. Thus Synetic Inc. shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or compensatory damage arising from the misuse or abuse of the products by the customer, or by the shipping companies.  Synetic would highly recommends that clients purchase separate insurance policies to cover the above circumstances.

The customer releases Synetic Inc. from all liability due to damage to the unit, replacement of the unit or injury to any person that is not due to the fault or negligence of Synetic Inc.

There is no license or immunity from any patent, given or implied, by any sales made by Synetic Inc.


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